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Grand tableau 6 months

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Grand tableau 6 months - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: Dondorf Lenormand (Images scanned and donated by Petra Gilbert)
Card Notes
Card Notes

30 - Lily


8 - Coffin: Keywords: endings, closure, transformation, release, loss, grief, stagnation, finality, rebirth, letting go

Meaning: It represents endings, transformation, and closure. It symbolizes a period of significant change or the conclusion of a particular phase or situation. The Coffin card often suggests the need to let go of the old in order to make way for the new. It can represent a time of release, surrender, or the resolution of challenges. The Coffin card can also signify a period of introspection, healing, or a necessary pause before new beginnings can occur. While the card may initially seem negative due to its association with endings, it ultimately represents the potential for growth and renewal.


28 - Man (aka Gentleman)


15 - Bear: Keywords: strength, power, protection, authority, leadership, maternal, nurturing, abundance, stability, dominance

Meaning: It represents strength, power, authority, and protection. It symbolizes a dominant and influential figure, such as a parent, a boss, or a person of authority. The Bear card often suggests a need to assert oneself, take charge, or tap into one's inner strength and confidence. It can represent leadership, courage, and a sense of protection and security. The card can also signify abundance, material wealth, and a focus on financial matters. Additionally, the Bear card can represent a mother figure or nurturing energy.


33 - Key


31 - Sun


12 - Birds


3 - Ship


23 - Mice


35 - Anchor


18 - Dog


32 - Moon


26 - Book


5 - Tree


10 - Scythe


24 - Heart


11 - Whip (aka Rod, Broom): Keywords: conflict, argument, tension, discipline, challenges, aggression, control, struggle, punishment, assertiveness

Meaning: It represents conflict, tension, arguments, and repetitive patterns. It symbolizes a situation or dynamic characterized by friction, disagreement, or repetitive cycles of behavior. The Whip card often suggests the presence of conflict, power struggles, or challenges that need to be addressed. It can represent internal or external conflicts, verbal disputes, or a need for resolution and healing. The Whip card can also indicate the need for assertiveness or the potential for learning and growth through facing challenges. However, it's important to approach the interpretation of this card with caution, as it can also represent physical or emotional harm in certain contexts.


1 - Rider (aka Horseman, Cavalier): Keywords: travel, communication, messages, news, swift, movement, arrival, visit, journey

Meaning: It represents news, messages, or a visitor. It can signify the arrival of important information, a new opportunity, or a change on the horizon. The Rider often symbolizes movement, swift progress, or a catalyst for events. Its precise interpretation may vary depending on the surrounding cards and the context of the reading.


6 - Clouds


21 - Mountain


25 - Ring


13 - Child


7 - Snake


17 - Stork


29 - Woman (aka Lady)


19 - Tower: Keywords: isolation, authority, institution, solitude, confinement, boundaries, structure, detachment, observation, power

Meaning: It represents isolation, solitude, authority, and structure. It symbolizes a sense of detachment, boundaries, or a need for independence. The Tower card often suggests a period of introspection, self-reflection, or a focus on personal boundaries. It can represent a sense of being alone, seeking solitude, or retreating from the outside world. The card can also symbolize authority figures, institutions, or the need for structure and discipline. It can signify a desire for security, a need for organization, or a reflection on one's own personal power and influence.


2 - Clover


14 - Fox


36 - Cross


34 - Fish


4 - House


22 - Crossroad (aka Path, Road)


16 - Stars


20 - Garden


9 - Bouquet (aka Flowers)


27 - Letter

Spread: Grand Tableau spread

The cross spread

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From the deck Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards by BabaBarock Studio
The cross spread - blog post by m-c
The cross spread - blog post by m-c
The cross spread - blog post by m-c
Deck: Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards

Daily Self-Reflection tarot spread

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The Daily Self-Reflection Tarot spread is a simple three-card reading that helps you gain insights and guidance for self-reflection on a daily basis.

It is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself, your experiences, and the lessons you can learn throughout the day.

It is included in your Tarotjournal Spread librairy.
Daily Self-Reflection tarot spread - tarot spread shared by m-c
Theme of the Day: This card represents the overarching theme or energy that will influence your day. It sets the tone and highlights the primary focus or lesson you are likely to encounter. It can help you align your intentions and actions with the prevailing energy of the day.
Lesson to Learn: The second card in this spread represents the lesson or insight you are meant to learn or be aware of during the day. It reflects a specific area of personal growth, challenges, or opportunities that you may encounter. This card encourages you to stay open-minded and receptive to the lessons that come your way.
Action to Take: The third card suggests the action or approach you should consider taking to navigate the day effectively and make the most of the insights gained from the previous cards. It offers practical guidance on how to apply the lessons learned and make positive choices in alignment with your highest good.

Daily cards

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Daily cards - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: 1909 Waite Smith (By A.E. Waite & P. Colman Smith)
Card Notes
Card Notes
Daily message

Ace of Pentacles: Keywords: Material abundance, New opportunities, Prosperity, Potential

Affirmation: I am open to receiving abundant blessings and opportunities for prosperity in all areas of my life.

Meaning: Ace of Pentacles signifies the birth of a new opportunity, a fresh start, or the potential for material and financial success. It represents the seed of abundance and the promise of prosperity. The card suggests that you have the resources and support necessary to achieve your goals and manifest your desires. It encourages you to seize the opportunity, be grounded in practicality, and take steps towards building a solid foundation for your future. The Ace of Pentacles brings a sense of security, prosperity, and the potential for material well-being.

Card at the back of the deck

Queen of Pentacles: Keywords: Nurturing, Abundance, Practicality, Stability, Security

Affirmation: I am nurturing and abundant, providing a stable and loving environment for myself and others.

Meaning: Queen of Pentacles signifies a person who is practical, nurturing, and abundant. It represents a time of stability, financial security, and the ability to provide for oneself and others. The card suggests that you are grounded in the physical world, taking a practical approach to life, and embodying qualities of generosity and nurturance. It encourages you to create a harmonious home environment, prioritize self-care, and cultivate abundance in all aspects of your life. The Queen of Pentacles brings a sense of nurturing, stability, and the potential for material and emotional well-being.

Daily cards - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: Tarot of the owls
Spread: Free-form spread

Tarot Journal new spread: Relationship Repair

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A new spread that you can find in the TarotJournal library!

The Relationship Repair Tarot Spread is a spread designed to provide guidance and insight into repairing and healing a troubled or strained romantic relationship.

It focuses on identifying the root causes of the issues, understanding the emotions and perspectives of both individuals involved, and offering guidance for the path towards reconciliation and healing.
Tarot Journal new spread: Relationship Repair - tarot spread shared by m-c
Current State of the Relationship: This card represents the current state of the relationship and provides an overview of the existing challenges and issues.
Root Cause of the Issues: This card delves into the underlying cause or source of the problems in the relationship. It offers insights into what needs to be addressed and healed.
Your Perspective: This card represents your perspective and emotions within the relationship. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of your own feelings, needs, and desires.
Their Perspective: This card represents the perspective and emotions of your partner. It allows you to gain insights into their feelings, needs, and desires.
Steps for Healing and Reconciliation: This card provides guidance on the steps or actions that can be taken to begin the healing process and restore the relationship. It suggests ways to improve communication, understanding, and empathy.
Self-Reflection and Personal Growth: This card focuses on your own personal growth and self-reflection within the context of the relationship. It encourages you to examine your own patterns, behaviors, and areas for self-improvement.
Outcome and Future Potential: This card offers insights into the potential outcome of your efforts to repair the relationship. It indicates the possibilities for growth, harmony, and renewed connection.
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