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The Daily Self-Reflection Tarot spread is a simple three-card reading that helps you gain insights and guidance for self-reflection on a daily basis.

It is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself, your experiences, and the lessons you can learn throughout the day.

It is included in your Tarotjournal Spread librairy.
Daily Self-Reflection tarot spread - tarot spread shared by m-c
Theme of the Day: This card represents the overarching theme or energy that will influence your day. It sets the tone and highlights the primary focus or lesson you are likely to encounter. It can help you align your intentions and actions with the prevailing energy of the day.
Lesson to Learn: The second card in this spread represents the lesson or insight you are meant to learn or be aware of during the day. It reflects a specific area of personal growth, challenges, or opportunities that you may encounter. This card encourages you to stay open-minded and receptive to the lessons that come your way.
Action to Take: The third card suggests the action or approach you should consider taking to navigate the day effectively and make the most of the insights gained from the previous cards. It offers practical guidance on how to apply the lessons learned and make positive choices in alignment with your highest good.
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