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Tarot Journaling in your browser

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It is more than "just" a journal.
It's your Tarot toolbox to unleash your superpowers!

After a hectic day at the office, when arriving at home, I need some time for myself. I make myself comfortable, light a candle or two, and do a reading for myself. When I am done, I open my Mac and record the reading in my journal. As simple as that!

Keep a public Tarot journal.

It can be an effective tool for personal branding to attract new clients.

Keep a public Tarot journal

Share and send readings.

Easy to share your readings with a simple link, with your family, friends or clients.

Share and send readings

Grow as a reader, and as a person.

Tarot Journal guides you in your path from amateur to professional Tarot reader.

Grow as a reader, and as a person

Online readings.

Use Tarot Journal in combination with Zoom or Skype video to give online readings.

Online readings

Accessible on any device or PC.

Universally accessible: use Tarot Journal on any device with a web browser (smartphone, tablets, laptops, PCs).

Accessible on any device or PC

On demand.

No download and installation required: no worries about storage space on your device or cluttering your device with apps.

On demand

Automatic updates.

No manual updates required: Tarot Journal is always up to date and new features are instantly available to all users.

Automatic updates

A Tarot toolbox for the 21st century.

Tarot Journal offers tools for managing your professional Tarot business.

A Tarot toolbox for the 21st century

Improve your journaling experience with Tarot Journal!

Getting started is easy and free. Just sign up and record your first reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on my old PC?

If your PC runs a recently updated web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, it will just work.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We have systems in place which regularly backup all the data.

Can I record my readings for free?

Yes, but only a limited number of readings can be recorded for free. Please consider a subscription plan. Running a web app like Tarot Journal costs real money and your subscription helps us to improve and add new features!

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