Record your Tarot readings online.

It's fast and easy: select new reading, choose a deck, choose a spread, choose some cards and press save.

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Record your Tarot readings online

Tarot Readings

Browse your readings by day, by month or by category.

I started out recording my readings on paper sheets. I realized I never looked at a single reading again. For me it was clear, my readings are lost... no insights whatsoever. LOL. Last June I started recording my readings in Tarot Journal. I can easily find any reading I did in the past. I even get card statistics!

Never loose a reading again.

Browse your readings by day, month or by category. You manage your own categories for your readings.

Never loose a reading again

Choose cards from different decks.

Combine different decks and systems within one reading. For example: a Tarot deck and Oracle cards.

Choose cards from different decks

Your precious decks.

Use your own decks in your private readings.

Your precious decks

Free-form spreads? We have got you covered!

Add an additional card to a spread? Sure, no problem. We developed Tarot Journal with flexibility in mind.

Free-form spreads? We have got you covered!

Add a personal touch to your reading.

Select a Tarot cloth for your reading.

Add a personal touch to your reading

Privacy settings.

Choose from 3 options: private readings, community readings or public readings.

Privacy settings

Your journal.

All your readings are added to your personal journal.

Your journal

Assign a querent.

Choose from your list of querents.

Assign a querents

Your personal spread library.

Choose a spread for your reading. Tarot Journal has a large spread library to choose from. Or create your own spreads.

Your personal spread library

Tarot Journal has been carefully crafted by Tarot nerds.

We use it every day ourselves and we are always working on new features. Stay tuned for updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to record readings with many cards, for example the Lenormand Grand Tableau?

Yes! You can choose from 3 different cloth sizes. In this case, select the largest one.

Can I import all my decks?

Yes, there is no limit. But make sure you are allowed to do so. When in doubt, contact the deck publisher or designer.

Are my private readings safe?

Yes, absolutely! It is our top concern to keep private readings safe!

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