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Use the decks you love

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Combine Tarot with Oracle or Rune cards.

I can finally combine my favorite Tarot deck with my favorite Oracle deck in one reading!

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Your decks are in "My Decks", and the "Deck Library" contains decks you can import.

My decks and deck library

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We collaborate with Tarot deck creators and publishers to add new decks to the deck library.

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Each deck comes with its own card meanings and notes.

Card meanings and notes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many decks can I add?

There is no limit. But make sure you are allowed to do so. When in doubt, contact the deck publisher or designer.

What is the standard deck of Tarot Journal?

It's the 1909 Waite Smith (By A.E. Waite & P. Colman Smith) deck.

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