Edit all card meanings.

Sometimes card meanings don't resonate. With Tarot Journal you can simply edit all card meanings.

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Card meanings - change them when you need to

Card meanings editor.

Card keywords, affirmations, reversed meanings, elements, astrology meaning, associated crystals, etc. - we have got your needs covered!

When I do readings for clients I like to highlight alternative aspects of a card, not just its base meaning. I like to mention the card's associated elements or crystals. I realized it helps clients to better memorize certain aspects of the reading.

Edit a card.

Select the deck. Select the card. Select edit.

Edit a card

Edit the card's features.

You can edit the keywords, affirmation, meaning, elements, numerology and astrology meaning, yes/no meaning, associated crystals, card combinations and general notes.

Edit the card's features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add card combinations?

Yes, there is a text field for that.

Can I edit the card meanings for the Rider Waite deck?

Yes, you can edit all card meanings for all decks.

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