Be spontaneous and give a reading like you want it.

Use a spread and add or remove cards on the fly. Or use no spread at all.

Create Your Journal
Be spontaneous and do the reading like you want it

Free-form Tarot spreads

The Tarot app has to adapt, not you as a reader.

The reading flexibility I always wanted. Tarot nerds approved!

Choose a spread.

Add a new reading and choose Select a Spread.

Choose a spread

Modify the spread.

Press Add Card or simply remove cards.

Modify the spread

Free-form spread.

Add a new reading and just press Add Card. No spread template nedded.

Free-form spread

We aim to make the world's best Tarot app!

Getting started is easy and free. Just sign up, light a candle, make yourself comfortable and record your first reading on Tarot Journal!

Frequently Asked Questions

I selected a spread and cards. I want to draw an additional Oracle card and add it to the reading. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely!

I choose a spread and I modify it during the reading. Does it change the original spread in my library?

No, it does not change it. The original spread is not modified.

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