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Tarot Reading Prompts

Published on · 1 min read

We are excited to announce a new feature that automatically generates reading prompts based on a Tarot reading. This functionality is designed to help readers reflect on their Tarot insights and find inspiration for taking action and planning their next steps.


AI Tarot reading interpretation and card combinations

Published on · 2 min read

We have been very hesitant for quite some time regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the interpretation of Tarot readings. The reason for this is that AI lacks any human connection and spirit and will never be able to substitute a human Tarot reader.

But with the most recent technological advancement (notably OpenAI and the latest ChatGPT model) we thought that there should be at least some benefit in using AI technology. After spending some time playing with it we realised that it is quite good when it comes to general interpretations of Tarot readings. Of course, there is no personality in the reading as it always feels a little bit shallow but it is able to interpret a question in the context of a spread and its drawn cards. Which is honestly amazing. This convinced us that there is a value in using AI, especially for people learning Tarot. Imagine you write an interpretation of a reading and you can compare it to a formal reading interpretation, generated by an AI. We think this could be an amazing tool. And so we worked on it a little bit and now it’s available in Tarot Journal.


How we calculate Tarot card statistics

Published on · 2 min read

Since there have been a few people asking us how we calculate Tarot statistics, we thought it might be helpful to write about it in detail.

First of all, for the readers who don’t know about our statistics system, let me explain it to you. Tarot Journal calculates three different types of statistics: personal statistics and community statistics. The calculation is done automatically every 60 minutes. But, and this is important, we only calculate stats for Tarot decks. This means that if you use a Lenormand, Tarot de Marseille or an Oracle deck in your readings, it won’t be compiled into the statistics. If you use multiple decks in one reading, let’s say a Tarot deck and Oracle deck, Tarot Journal only counts the cards from the Tarot deck.

tarot journal new feature: statistics per reading


New Feature: Tarot Reading Statistics

Published on · 1 min read

We just released a new feature which can be helpful when writing Tarot reading summaries and for discovering card patterns in a reading.

When recording a new reading and having selected all cards, it is often not obvious how many majors, minors, reversed cards and suits are actually in the reading. Until now it was needed to take a second look at the reading and manually count the cards and take notes. We thought this is very annoying and there has to be a better solution.

And of course there is! Today we introduce Reading Stats.

tarot journal new feature: statistics per reading

This feature allows you to discover card patterns within a reading and get a quick overview of the major, minor and court cards as well as card reversals and suits. Additionally these statistics are also shown in your reading journal for each reading.

We hope this is helpful for all of you, beginners, amateurs and professional readers alike.

The Five Card Tarot Spread - For Love, Career and Spiritual Guidance

Published on · 10 min read

bohemian fortune telling cards babarock five-card tarot spread

Deck: Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards by BabaBarock

The Five-Card Tarot Spread is a versatile and insightful tool that offers profound revelations in three key aspects of our life. Whether you're seeking clarity in matters of the heart, navigating the twists and turns of your professional path, or yearning to connect with your inner spiritual compass, there is a suitable Five-Card Tarot spread. Read More >>

The Birthday Tarot Spread

Published on · 5 min read

birthday blessings tarot spread

There are moments in life that stand as pivotal intersections between the past and the future. Birthdays, those annual markers of our journey through time, hold a special place among these moments. They invite us to reflect on the chapters behind and ponder the possibilities ahead. Read More >>

Free online Tarot readings in 2023 - the why and the how in a nutshell

Published on · 10 min read

3 tarot cards on a tarot cloth and a candle and some crystals

If you ever wondered if you should offer free online Tarot readings, this article is for you. We are exploring which options you have as an amateur or professional Tarot card reader to offer free Tarot readings to build up your audience and hone your reading skills. Read More >>

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