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How we calculate Tarot card statistics

Published on · 2 min read

Since there have been a few people asking us how we calculate Tarot statistics, we thought it might be helpful to write about it in detail.

First of all, for the readers who don’t know about our statistics system, let me explain it to you. Tarot Journal calculates three different types of statistics: personal statistics and community statistics. The calculation is done automatically every 60 minutes. But, and this is important, we only calculate stats for Tarot decks. This means that if you use a Lenormand, Tarot de Marseille or an Oracle deck in your readings, it won’t be compiled into the statistics. If you use multiple decks in one reading, let’s say a Tarot deck and Oracle deck, Tarot Journal only counts the cards from the Tarot deck.

tarot journal new feature: statistics per reading

Let’s take a closer look at each statistics type.

Personal statistics

Your personal Tarot statistics are in the main menu under “Tarot Stats” -> “My Statistics”. On that page you can choose a time span in order to filter your top cards. The options allow you to view all card statistics since you started recording, or you can choose a specific year, or to break it even further down, you can choose your stats from the last 3 months down to the last 7 days. Each option will show the top 3 and top 15 cards, the top suits and the number of card reversals.

How does it work? Everytime you record a reading on Tarot Journal, your pulled cards are compiled into your personal Tarot statistics. It does not matter if you set the journal visibility to “private”, “community” or “the world”. All your cards are compiled into your stats.

But there is a caveat to it: when recording a reading, you have to select a querent. By default the querent is set to “Myself”. Which essentially means that you record a reading for yourself. Now, this is important: only querents set to yourself (“Myself”) will be counted and compiled into your personal statistics. If you do a reading for a friend, let’s call her Sophia, and you set her name as the querent in the reading, Tarot Journal won’t compile these cards into your personal statistics!

Community statistics

Community statistics can be found in the main menu under “Tarot Stats” -> “Community Statistics”. These stats are compiled by counting all cards from all recorded readings on Tarot Journal. Your pulled cards from your readings are recorded as well as from all people using Tarot Journal. The community stats compile cards from readings for all querents. This means that it does not matter wether you choose "Myself" as the querent or, let's say, "Sophie". The possible filter selections are the same as for the personal statistics.

We hope that this article will help to better understand how statistics are compiled on Tarot Journal.

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