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New Feature: Tarot Reading Statistics

Published on · 1 min read

We just released a new feature which can be helpful when writing Tarot reading summaries and for discovering card patterns in a reading.

When recording a new reading and having selected all cards, it is often not obvious how many majors, minors, reversed cards and suits are actually in the reading. Until now it was needed to take a second look at the reading and manually count the cards and take notes. We thought this is very annoying and there has to be a better solution.

And of course there is! Today we introduce Reading Stats.

tarot journal new feature: statistics per reading

This feature allows you to discover card patterns within a reading and get a quick overview of the major, minor and court cards as well as card reversals and suits. Additionally these statistics are also shown in your reading journal for each reading.

We hope this is helpful for all of you, beginners, amateurs and professional readers alike.

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