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The Birthday Tarot Spread

Published on · 5 min read

There are moments in life that stand as pivotal intersections between the past and the future. Birthdays, those annual markers of our journey through time, hold a special place among these moments. They invite us to reflect on the chapters behind and ponder the possibilities ahead.


We collected a list of Birthday Tarot Spreads which cover different aspects of life. These spreads are both suitable for aspiring or seasoned Tarot readers.

We suggest that you make the Birthday reading a special one. If you are doing this reading for yourself, we recommend that you make yourself comfortable, light a candle and take a couple of deep breaths to calm your mind. Do not get too attached to the cards you are drawing, let your inspiration flow freely.

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Birthday Blessings Tarot Spread

This spread gives you an insight of your current situation and is looking at different aspects of your life. It is all about becoming aware of your current life situation and giving you hints on how you could improve it, by looking at your challenges, strengths, relationships and areas of growth.

We think this is a great hands-on and down to Earth spread for this special day!

birthday blessings tarot spread

1 - Current Theme of Your Life: This card represents the overarching theme that will be most influential in your life in the upcoming year.

2 - Challenges and Lessons: This card sheds light on the challenges you might face and the lessons you're meant to learn in the coming year. It's an opportunity to prepare and grow.

3 - Celebrating Your Strengths: This card highlights your inner strengths and qualities that you will carry with you into your new year. You should embrace and celebrate these attributes.

4 - Areas of Growth and Exploration: This card points out areas of your life where growth and exploration will be especially important. It suggests new opportunities and experiences.

5 - Relationships and Connections: This card offers insights into your relationships and connections in the coming year. It could be about romantic partnerships, friendships, or family dynamics.

6 - Spiritual and Inner Guidance: This card represents the spiritual aspect of your journey for the year ahead. It offers insights into your inner world, intuition, and spiritual growth.

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Spiritual Birthday Tarot Spread

Let your spirits, ancestors and guides speak to you through this spread. We believe a Tarot reading using this spread can give you an unique viewpoint on the past and future of your life.

spiritual birthday tarot spread

1 - Card to represent a birthday message from my guides.

2 - How do my ancestors say happy birthday?

3 - How can I celebrate myself this year for my birthday?

4 - How have I grown this year of my life that I should be proud of?

5 - What positive moment can I reflect on from this year of life?

6 - General birthday wishes from my spirit team.

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Birthday Tarot Spread

Emerald Lotus Divination is known for offering a free collection of many incredible spreads. This one is no exception. It is a spread giving you a practical viewpoint on your life and that’s why we like it! You can use Tarot and Oracle cards within the same reading, or just Tarot cards if you wish.

birthday tarot spread

1 - Something from last year I need to let go of

2 - Card to represent this upcoming year in my life

3 - Something new to look forward to this year

4 - A new hobby or interest I should explore

5 - An important lesson I will learn this year

6 - How can I be the best version of myself

Cards to represent the following aspects in the year ahead:

7 - Family

8 - Friendships

9 - Romantic relationships

10 - Health

11 - Finances

12 - Career

13 - Travel

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Birthday Witch Tarot Spread

This Birthday Spread was inspired by the 4 card classic Tarot spreads. It is simple and effective and that’s why we have included it in our collection.

birthday witch tarot spread

1 - What did the previous year bring?

2 - What lesson should you take with you into the coming year?

3 - What should your focus be in the next year of your life?

4 - What will this next year bring for you?

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