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The Five Card Tarot Spread - For Love, Career and Spiritual Guidance

Published on · 10 min read

The Five-Card Tarot Spread is a versatile and insightful tool that offers profound revelations in three key aspects of our life. Whether you're seeking clarity in matters of the heart, navigating the twists and turns of your professional path, or yearning to connect with your inner spiritual compass, there is a suitable Five-Card Tarot spread.

We reviewed dozens of spreads and selected the best Five-Card Tarot Spreads for you. If you sign up with TarotJournal, you can directly import these spreads into your personal spread library. Some of them are already available in your library. Or you can just use these spreads by printing them. Enjoy!


Five-Card Love Tarot Spreads

Five-Card New Love Spread

Love is a journey that often starts with a single step, and this spread is here to provide straightforward guidance for those curious about new romantic paths.

new love five card tarot spread

1 - The Present Situation: This card represents the current circumstances surrounding your love life. It provides insights into your emotional state, any obstacles or opportunities in your path, and the overall energy surrounding your romantic prospects.

2 - What You Seek in a Partner: This card reflects your desires, needs, and expectations when it comes to a new romantic relationship. It highlights the qualities, values, or characteristics you are looking for in a potential partner.

3 - What You Bring to a Relationship: This card signifies your strengths, qualities, and attributes that you bring into a new relationship. It helps you recognize the positive aspects you contribute and the potential value you offer as a partner.

4 - Challenges or Lessons: This card reveals the obstacles or potential difficulties you may encounter in your pursuit of new love. It serves as a guidance on what areas of personal growth or areas of caution to be mindful of as you embark on this romantic journey.

5 - Future Potential: This card provides insights into the potential outcomes or possibilities that await you in your love life. It may indicate the direction your new relationship is headed, the potential for growth and happiness, or any major shifts that may occur in the future.

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Five-Card Love Spread

This Five-Card Love Spread puts you on a journey designed to illuminate the intricate tapestry of your romantic life. Each card in this spread is a beacon of understanding, guiding you through the various aspects of your personal love story.

five card love tarot spread

1 - Current Relationship: This card sheds light on the present state of your romantic relationship, highlighting its dynamics, strengths, and areas for growth.

2 - Challenges: Revealing potential obstacles in your relationship, this card offers guidance on how to address and overcome the issues that might arise.

3 - Desires and Expectations: This card explores your desires and expectations in love, helping you understand what you seek and how it aligns with your current situation.

4 - Advice: Offering wisdom from the Tarot, this card provides guidance on how to navigate your romantic journey, suggesting actions that can lead to deeper connection and harmony.

5- Future Potential: The final card unveils the potential future of your romantic endeavors, giving you insight into where your relationship might be headed or what opportunities lie ahead.

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Five-Card Career Tarot Spreads

Five-Card Dream Job Spread

This spread is a powerful tool that guides you to clarify your professional aspirations. Within these cards lies a roadmap to your dream job, offering possible strategies and a deeper understanding of the path ahead.

five card dream job tarot spread

1 - Dream Job: This card represents the essence of your dream job—the career or occupation that resonates with your passions, talents, and aspirations. It offers insight into the type of work that would bring you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. 2 - Actions Needed to Achieve the Dream Job: This card provides guidance on the specific actions or steps you need to take to manifest your dream job. It offers advice and direction regarding the practical strategies, choices, or changes required to move closer to your desired career path. 3 - Qualities You Bring to the Table: This card highlights the unique qualities, strengths, or attributes you possess that are valuable in the pursuit of your dream job. It offers insight into your personal qualities, skills, or experiences that can contribute to your success or set you apart in your chosen field. 4 - Skills or Connections to Cultivate: This card suggests the skills, knowledge, or connections that you should focus on developing or nurturing to enhance your prospects of achieving your dream job. It provides guidance on the areas where you may need to invest your time, energy, or resources to expand your abilities or network. 5 - Areas Needing Attention Before Making the Big Jump: This card highlights the aspects of your life that require attention or consideration before making a significant leap toward your dream job. It may point out any obstacles, challenges, or personal areas that need to be addressed or balanced to ensure a smoother transition or successful pursuit of your career aspirations.

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Five-Card Career Spread

This 5-Card Career Tarot Spread is a compass that navigates the currents of your professional journey. Each card highlights a unique perspective of your career path, unveiling insights that can guide your choices and decisions.

five card career tarot spread

1 - Current Situation: This card illuminates your present career circumstances, shedding light on your current role, challenges, and opportunities.

2 - Strengths: Unveiling your innate talents and strengths, this card provides insight into what you bring to the professional table and how you can leverage these qualities.

3 - Challenges: Addressing potential hurdles, this card helps you recognize and navigate obstacles that may arise in your career journey.

4 - Guidance: Offering guidance from the Tarot, this card points towards the energies or strategies that can lead you to professional success and fulfillment.

5 - Outcome: The final card reveals the potential outcome of your current career path, offering a glimpse into the long-term trajectory and rewards that await your efforts.

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Five-Card Spiritual Tarot Spreads

Five-Card Personal Growth Spread

The Personal Growth Tarot Spread is a powerful tool for gaining insights into your personal development journey. This spread consists of five cards, each offering a distinct perspective on your growth process and providing valuable guidance to help you navigate your path. Let's delve deeper into each card's significance:

five card personal growth tarot spread

1 - Current State: This card represents your current state of personal growth. It offers insights into where you currently stand in your journey, highlighting your strengths, areas of growth, and any challenges or blockages that may be present.

2 - Key Lesson: The second card focuses on a key lesson or theme that you need to learn or embrace for your personal growth. It offers insights into the specific area or aspect of your life that requires attention or further development. This card serves as a guidepost for your growth journey.

3 - Action Steps: This card provides guidance on the practical action steps or strategies you can take to foster personal growth in the identified area. It offers insights into the specific actions, habits, or mindset shifts that can support your growth and help you move forward on your path.

4 - Inner Strengths: The fourth card highlights your inner strengths or personal qualities that you can tap into to support your personal growth. It offers insights into the inner resources, talents, or attributes that can empower you on your journey. This card serves as a reminder of your inherent capabilities and resilience.

5 - Future Potential: The fifth card represents the potential outcomes or blessings that await you as you continue to focus on your personal growth. It offers insights into the positive shifts, opportunities, or rewards that can arise from your commitment to self-improvement. This card serves as a motivating force and reminder of the possibilities that await you.

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Five-Card Self-Discovery Spread

In this spread, you'll explore the depths of your being, uncovering hidden truths and embracing your authentic self. Each card drawn will illuminate a different aspect of your identity, guiding you towards understanding, growth, and fulfillment.

five card self-discovery tarot spread

1 - Core Essence: This card represents your core essence or the fundamental qualities that define who you are at your core. It reflects your authentic self, your innate strengths, and the qualities that make you unique.

2 - Shadow Aspects: The second card delves into the shadow aspects or hidden aspects of yourself that you may not be fully aware of or have embraced. It offers insights into the aspects of yourself that may need acknowledgment, acceptance, or healing.

3 - Desires and Passions: This card reveals your desires, passions, and what truly ignites your spirit. It sheds light on the things that bring you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose. This card encourages you to tap into your authentic desires and align your actions with your passions.

4 - Personal Growth: The fourth card focuses on your personal growth and areas of development. It highlights the aspects of yourself that may need attention, growth, or transformation. This card offers guidance on where you can focus your efforts to expand and evolve as an individual.

5 - Potential and Possibilities: The fifth card represents your potential and the possibilities that lie ahead. It offers insights into the opportunities and potentials that you can harness to manifest your desires and achieve personal growth. This card encourages you to embrace the possibilities and take inspired action towards your aspirations.

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