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AI Tarot reading interpretation and card combinations

Published on · 2 min read

We have been very hesitant for quite some time regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the interpretation of Tarot readings. The reason for this is that AI lacks any human connection and spirit and will never be able to substitute a human Tarot reader.

But with the most recent technological advancement (notably OpenAI and the latest ChatGPT model) we thought that there should be at least some benefit in using AI technology. After spending some time playing with it we realised that it is quite good when it comes to general interpretations of Tarot readings. Of course, there is no personality in the reading as it always feels a little bit shallow but it is able to interpret a question in the context of a spread and its drawn cards. Which is honestly amazing. This convinced us that there is a value in using AI, especially for people learning Tarot. Imagine you write an interpretation of a reading and you can compare it to a formal reading interpretation, generated by an AI. We think this could be an amazing tool. And so we worked on it a little bit and now it’s available in Tarot Journal.

How to access the AI Tarot reading interpretation?

  1. You need a user account on TarotJournal.com. If you are new, register here, it’s free.
  2. Get your (physical) Tarot cards out. Decide which spread you want to use and pull some cards.
  3. When finished, record the reading in Tarot Journal. This is an example how it might look:
    ai tarot reading: record the reading
  4. Press that “Get reading interpretation” button and wait a second or two:
    ai tarot reading: record the reading
  5. If you feel like, copy the interpretation to your reading summary. Or, alternatively, compare your reading interpretation with the robot AI version. Or get inspired.
Card combinations

One of the more advanced aspects of Tarot readings are card combinations. Essentially these are two card combinations with their own meanings. There are about 3000 such combinations in Tarot, which of course, is impossible to simply learn or remember.

After doing some tests using ChatGPT we realised it is quite good in identifying card combinations too. By pressing the “Get reading interpretation” button the AI will also identify any card combinations in your reading and depict its meanings. We think this can be a useful tool for learning and helping people to dive deeper into the realm of interpreting Tarot readings.

ai tarot reading: identify card combinations

By the way there is no usage limit for generating reading interpretations and card combinations for people who subscribed to one of our plans.

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