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New feature: automatic interpretation of readings

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Available from now on, when you enter a reading you should see the button that will give you an automatic interpretation of your reading.


Testing the auto saving functionality 😊

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Testing the auto saving functionality 😊 - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: Dondorf Lenormand (Images scanned and donated by Petra Gilbert)
Card Notes
Card Notes

31 - Sun: Meaning: It represents joy, happiness, success, and vitality. It symbolizes a period of positivity, optimism, and the fulfillment of desires. The Sun card often suggests a sense of warmth, light, and radiant energy. It can represent a time of abundance, good fortune, and a favorable outcome. The card can also symbolize confidence, vitality, and a positive mindset. It carries an energy of optimism, enthusiasm, and the potential for personal growth and achievement. Additionally, the Sun card can represent the spotlight, recognition, or the fulfillment of creative endeavors.

Keywords: success, joy, positivity, vitality, happiness, abundance, warmth, clarity, enlightenment, fulfillment


2 - Clover: Keywords: luck, opportunity, chance, fortune, serendipity, optimism, small, brief, unexpected, fortunate

Meaning: It represents luck, good fortune, and unexpected opportunities. It signifies a stroke of luck, a fortunate turn of events, or a serendipitous occurrence. The Clover card often suggests a positive outcome, small but significant successes, and a sense of optimism. It can also indicate being in the right place at the right time or experiencing a fortunate change in circumstances.

Reading Stats
Reading Stats
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We finally were able to create an auto save function, so all your readings are automatically saved every 60 seconds

let us know if it works well!
Spread: Free-form spread
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