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Angel Gabriel reading

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Angel Gabriel reading - blog post by m-c
Angel Gabriel reading - blog post by m-c
Angel Gabriel reading - blog post by m-c

Meet my spirit guides spread

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Meet my spirit guides spread - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: 1909 Waite Smith (By A.E. Waite & P. Colman Smith)
Card Notes
Card Notes
Who are you?

Eight of Pentacles: Keywords: Diligence, Skill development, Mastery, Hard work, Craftsmanship

Affirmation: I am dedicated to honing my skills and craftsmanship, and I continuously grow in my chosen path.

Meaning: Eight of Pentacles signifies hard work, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. It represents a time when you are focused on improving your skills or mastering a particular craft or area of expertise. The card suggests that you are dedicated to your work, willing to put in the necessary effort, and committed to the process of growth and development. It encourages you to pay attention to the details, invest in self-improvement, and take pride in your accomplishments. The Eight of Pentacles brings a sense of discipline, craftsmanship, and the potential for significant progress and achievement.

How can we work together?

1 – The Magician: Keywords: Manifestation, Personal power, Creativity, Willpower, Skill

Affirmation: I have the power to manifest my desires and create positive change in my life.

Meaning: The Magician signifies personal power, creativity, and the ability to manifest your desires. It represents the skillful use of your talents, resources, and inner potential to bring about positive change. The card suggests that you have the necessary tools at your disposal to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams. It encourages you to tap into your personal power, align your intentions with action, and take control of your life to create the outcomes you desire.

What do you see in myself that I can’t see?

Ten of Pentacles: Keywords: Wealth, Legacy, Family, Stability, Prosperity

Affirmation: I create a harmonious and prosperous legacy for future generations through my actions and values.

Meaning: Ten of Pentacles signifies ultimate fulfillment, financial prosperity, and the blessings of family and community. It represents a time of material abundance, financial security, and the fulfillment of long-term goals. The card suggests that you have created a solid foundation for yourself and those you care about, both in terms of wealth and emotional support. It encourages you to appreciate the richness of your life, celebrate your achievements, and share your abundance with others. The Ten of Pentacles brings a sense of fulfillment, legacy, and the potential for lasting happiness and security.

Spread by Sasha graham, witch’s garden tarot.

Some readings are just life-changing,

this one is one I want to keep close and come back to often. It has such a good energy.
Meet my spirit guides spread - tarot reading by m-c
Meet my spirit guides spread - tarot reading by m-c
Meet my spirit guides spread - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: Witch’s garden tarot
Spread: Free-form spread
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