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Angel Gabriel message for YOU

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I asked angel Gab for a card for the TJ community, and how funny, look what I got!

The card says:

“keep a diary (journal), writing regularly your feelings and your activity will develop your creative Ideas and reinforce your confidence as a writer”

So keep on writing in your tarot journal! 📓😉 💫
Angel Gabriel message for YOU - blog post by m-c
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Hi and welcome to my tarot journal!

Here you will find my daily tarot + Lenormand readings, and my favorite decks and spreads.

I love tarot and oracles. I use the tarot since 2016 and started to learn Lenormand in 2020.

I love to do tarot readings by moonlight 🌙 with my cats by my side… ✨🔮🐈🃏

I believe Everything is interrelated, interconnected, sumptuously taken care of ~
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