Tarot Journal new spread: Relationship Repair

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A new spread that you can find in the TarotJournal library!

The Relationship Repair Tarot Spread is a spread designed to provide guidance and insight into repairing and healing a troubled or strained romantic relationship.

It focuses on identifying the root causes of the issues, understanding the emotions and perspectives of both individuals involved, and offering guidance for the path towards reconciliation and healing.
Tarot Journal new spread: Relationship Repair - tarot spread shared by m-c
Current State of the Relationship: This card represents the current state of the relationship and provides an overview of the existing challenges and issues.
Root Cause of the Issues: This card delves into the underlying cause or source of the problems in the relationship. It offers insights into what needs to be addressed and healed.
Your Perspective: This card represents your perspective and emotions within the relationship. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of your own feelings, needs, and desires.
Their Perspective: This card represents the perspective and emotions of your partner. It allows you to gain insights into their feelings, needs, and desires.
Steps for Healing and Reconciliation: This card provides guidance on the steps or actions that can be taken to begin the healing process and restore the relationship. It suggests ways to improve communication, understanding, and empathy.
Self-Reflection and Personal Growth: This card focuses on your own personal growth and self-reflection within the context of the relationship. It encourages you to examine your own patterns, behaviors, and areas for self-improvement.
Outcome and Future Potential: This card offers insights into the potential outcome of your efforts to repair the relationship. It indicates the possibilities for growth, harmony, and renewed connection.
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