The cross spread

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I needed to use this deck which I got last year and did not use it so much yet, so I decided to give it a go today.

So the present situation was my question : how can I find more happiness in my life

the past card shows that there was a turn of events in my life, fate,

the near future it’s a very good card, unexpected joy, I have to open my heart to that. I’m so not used to joy anymore…!

The obstacle is falsehood… I need to think about what this mean, the card represents a wolf disguised as a sheep. I was thinking a lot today about how everything is an illusion and how our perspective on pretty much everything can change almost everything. Think darkness and you will see darkness everywhere, think light and you will see light everywhere. I also had a dream last week where my grandpa and my mom where telling me that my problem was that some beliefs I thought were true were false…

Then the advice is the soldier card. This i have no idea what it means. It has something related to law, but I need to think and come back here later. My first thought is that i should be more strict/disciplined with myself and not let my mind go in dark places… in the book a course in miracles it’s clearly said “do not let your mind wander” because the ego will always try to lead you in dark places...

Under the deck what is the beautiful hope card 💜
The cross spread - blog post by m-c
The cross spread - blog post by m-c
The cross spread - blog post by m-c
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