Relationship Compatibility tarot spread

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The Compatibility Tarot Spread is a specific spread designed to assess the compatibility and potential harmony between two individuals in a romantic relationship.
Relationship Compatibility tarot spread - tarot spread shared by m-c
Your Needs: This card represents your individual needs within the relationship. It reveals what you require to feel fulfilled, supported, and happy.
Their Needs: This card explores the needs of your partner. It provides insight into what they require to feel fulfilled, supported, and happy in the relationship.
Individual Differences: This card highlights the unique qualities, strengths, and differences between you and your partner as individuals. It sheds light on the contrasting aspects that each of you brings to the relationship.
Common Values and Interests: This card uncovers the shared values, beliefs, and interests that provide a foundation for your relationship. It reveals the areas where you both align and find common ground.
Emotional Compatibility: This card delves into the emotional connection and compatibility between you and your partner. It reveals how well you understand and support each other's emotions, and whether you are able to provide the emotional support needed.
Physical Compatibility: This card explores the physical attraction and compatibility between you and your partner. It reveals the level of passion, chemistry, and satisfaction in the physical aspect of the relationship.
Overall Compatibility: This card provides an assessment of the overall compatibility between you and your partner, taking into account all the aspects covered in the previous cards. It offers insights into the strengths, challenges, and potential harmony within the relationship.
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