Horseshoe spread

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Horseshoe spread - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: 1909 Waite Smith (By A.E. Waite & P. Colman Smith)
Card Notes
Card Notes
The past

Six of Swords

The present

Four of Swords

The future

Nine of Pentacles: Keywords (reversed card): Financial loss, Dependence, Lack of abundance, Insecurity, Overindulgence

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, Nine of Pentacles' meaning can indicate financial setbacks, a loss of independence, or a feeling of insecurity. It may suggest a temporary period of financial strain or a need to reassess your financial situation. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any areas where your financial stability may be compromised or where your sense of independence may be challenged. It encourages you to make any necessary adjustments, seek support if needed, and focus on rebuilding your financial security.

The querent

Ten of Cups

Other information

Seven of Cups

The challenge

1 – The Magician: Keywords (reversed card): Manipulation, Lack of focus, Misuse of power, Self-doubt, Trickery

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, The Magician suggests a misuse of power, manipulation, or lacking confidence in one's abilities. It may indicate a need to reassess goals, overcome self-doubt, or be cautious of deceptive influences that could hinder progress.

The outcome

Nine of Cups

Card under the deck

6 – The Lovers

Reading Stats
Reading Stats
In your reading you have got:
  • 2 Majors
  • 6 Minors
  • 2 Reversals
  • 0 Wands
  • 1 Pentacles
  • 3 Cups
  • 2 Swords
  • 1 One
  • 1 Four
  • 2 Sixes
  • 1 Seven
  • 2 Nines
  • 1 Ten
The spread is clearly dedicated to me and my partner, it shows up with the lovers showing at the back of the deck, and the 10 of cups as the querent.

In the future position, the nine of pentacles, which is the entrepreneur card this is what we are, means financial setbacks, and the other reverse card is the magician. I see it as a clear message that we are not in our power, and if it continues like that, we’ll have some trouble. This reading is a warning that we’re not using our manifesting powers. We rely too much on our brain. Still, the outcome is really good with the nine of cups, but it is clearly a warning that we need to bring the magician back from its reverse position.

With the seven of cups I do feel like we are trying to fight a dragon and are very distracted by it…

I noticed 2 sixes, 6 means harmony of mental physical and spiritual (us)

And 2 nines, 9 means change coming for the better (nine of cups and nine of pentacles)

Horseshoe spread - tarot reading by m-c
Horseshoe spread - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: Universal Celtic tarot
Spread: Horseshoe spread by Barbara Moore
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