Celtic cross about where I am right now, updated

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Celtic cross about where I am right now, updated - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: 1909 Waite Smith (By A.E. Waite & P. Colman Smith)
Card Notes
Card Notes
this represent me

12 – The Hanged Man: Keywords: Surrender, Letting go, Perspective shift, Patience, New insights

Meaning: The Hanged Man signifies a voluntary suspension, a willingness to let go and surrender to a situation or higher wisdom. It suggests a time of pause or introspection, where you may need to sacrifice or let go of something in order to gain a new perspective or insight. The card invites you to embrace a different point of view, shift your priorities, and find inner stillness. It represents the potential for enlightenment and spiritual growth through surrender.

This covers me

19 – The Sun: Keywords: Vitality, Joy, Success, Enlightenment, Happiness

Meaning: The Sun signifies happiness, optimism, and the fulfillment of desires. It represents a period of clarity, vitality, and abundance in various aspects of your life. The card suggests that you are experiencing a time of growth, confidence, and inner radiance. It encourages you to embrace your authentic self, bask in the light of positivity, and seize opportunities with enthusiasm. The Sun card brings a sense of joy, vitality, and success.

This crosses me

Three of Wands: Keywords: Exploration, Expansion, Enterprise, Progress, Collaboration

Meaning: Three of Wands signifies progress, enterprise, and the manifestation of your goals and ambitions. It represents the rewards of your hard work and the expansion of your horizons. The card suggests that you have laid a solid foundation and now have the opportunity to explore new territories. It encourages you to have confidence in your abilities, embrace the unknown with optimism, and continue to take calculated risks. The Three of Wands brings a sense of excitement, ambition, and the potential for future success.

The foundation of the situation

Page of Pentacles: Keywords (reversed card): Missed opportunities, Lack of focus, Lack of ambition, Impracticality

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, Page of Pentacles' meaning can indicate a lack of focus, laziness, or a need for better planning and follow-through. It may suggest a tendency to get easily distracted or to lack the discipline needed to achieve your goals. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any areas where you may need to refine your approach or invest more effort into your endeavors. It encourages you to establish clear goals, create a structured plan, and stay committed to the practical steps required for success.

The highest aspiration of the querent

Two of Wands: I’m waiting too much over making a decision
indecision keeps me unhappy without direction
I need to use my power
doing nothing is the worst choice
take action.

Keywords (reversed card): Lack of planning, Limited perspective, Self-doubt, Indecision, Blocked progress

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, Two of Wands' meaning can indicate hesitation, lack of planning, or feeling stuck in the decision-making process. It may suggest a fear of taking risks or a reluctance to step into the unknown. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any indecisiveness or resistance that may be holding you back. It encourages you to reassess your goals, seek clarity, and take steps towards initiating your plans. It also reminds you to consider alternative paths and remain open to new possibilities.

The recent past

Four of Pentacles: Keywords (reversed card): Financial insecurity, Greed, Hoarding, Lack of generosity, Fear of change

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, Four of Pentacles' meaning can indicate a fear of change, possessiveness, or an excessive attachment to material possessions. It may suggest a reluctance to let go of what is familiar or a resistance to embracing new opportunities. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any areas of your life where you may be holding on too tightly or resisting change. It encourages you to let go of limiting beliefs or behaviors that may be hindering your growth and to cultivate a mindset of abundance and openness.

The near future

King of Swords: OK I guess I have to give up control
I have to stop planning and try to controlling everything and create strategies…
well I have to give it all up

Keywords (reversed card): Abuse of power, Manipulation, Tyranny, Closed-mindedness, Lack of empathy

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, King of Swords' meaning can indicate misuse of power, manipulation, or an abuse of authority. It may suggest a need to reassess your approach to leadership or the way you communicate with others. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any areas where you may be too rigid, overly critical, or lacking empathy in your interactions. It encourages you to seek a balance between assertiveness and compassion, and to use your intellectual abilities in a responsible and ethical manner.

My self image

Two of Pentacles: Keywords (reversed card): Imbalance, Lack of flexibility, Overwhelm, Lack of harmony, Poor time management

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, Two of Pentacles' meaning can indicate a lack of balance or difficulty in managing conflicting priorities. It may suggest a sense of overwhelm, disorganization, or being pulled in different directions. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any areas of your life that may require more attention or a reassessment of your priorities. It encourages you to seek ways to simplify your life, delegate tasks, or establish boundaries to regain a sense of equilibrium and stability.

My environment

6 – The Lovers: Keywords (reversed card): Disharmony, Imbalance, Separation, Difficult choices, Lack of love

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, The Lovers may indicate disharmony, conflicts in relationships or choices, and the need for introspection and alignment with personal values before committing. It suggests challenges in decision-making, difficulties in finding balance between desires and responsibilities, or the need to reassess relationships and ensure they align with one's true desires and values. It calls for honest self-reflection and careful consideration of the consequences before making important choices.

My hopes and fears

Page of Wands: Keywords: Exploration, New beginnings, Curiosity, Creativity, Potential

Meaning: Page of Wands signifies a period of excitement, inspiration, and the exploration of new possibilities. It represents the emergence of creative ideas, enthusiasm, and a sense of adventure. The card suggests that you are ready to embark on a new journey or project, fueled by passion and curiosity. It encourages you to embrace your creativity, take risks, and follow your intuition. The Page of Wands brings a sense of optimism, potential, and the opportunity for growth.

The outcome

Nine of Swords: ❤️❤️❤️

Keywords (reversed card): Inner peace, Healing, Release, Overcoming fears, Positive mindset

Meaning (reversed card): In reverse, Nine of Swords' meaning can indicate relief from anxiety, release from mental anguish, or the start of healing from emotional pain. It may suggest that you are beginning to let go of worry, find new perspectives, or experience a decrease in anxiety levels. Reversed, the card advises you to reflect on any areas where you are actively working towards managing your fears, seeking help from trusted individuals, or practicing self-care to alleviate mental distress. It encourages you to embrace healing and cultivate a positive mindset.

Card at the end of the deck.

0 – The Fool: Keywords: New beginnings, Spontaneity, Innocence, Adventure, Trust

Meaning: The Fool signifies a fresh start, unlimited potential, and a sense of adventure. It represents embracing new opportunities with a childlike curiosity and open-mindedness. The card suggests taking risks, following your intuition, and stepping into the unknown without fear. It encourages you to trust in the process of life, embrace spontaneity, and approach situations with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm.

Such a powerful reading, it took me a week to analyze it all.

With 7 reverse cards, TIME TO LET GO OF CONTROL!

3 pentacles all reversed
3 wands
0 cups
2 swords, all reversed

4 major, fool, sun, lovers, hanged woman

2 pages
2 two
Celtic cross about where I am right now, updated - tarot reading by m-c
Celtic cross about where I am right now, updated - tarot reading by m-c
Celtic cross about where I am right now, updated - tarot reading by m-c
Deck: Tarot of the witch’s garden
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